About Us

Memories is transforming the way the world celebrates a life well-lived, with our global community creating a digital legacy to inspire family and friends for generations to come.

A Memories Timeline offers an ad-free, private and secure space to safeguard and share memories of the people, places, moments and milestones that matter the most.

Who we are

Launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, Memories has attracted visitors from 206 countries and territories around the world.

Memories exists to safeguard humanity's greatest treasures - our stories. Our platform is a place where you can store those stories with your 'inner circle'. It allows you to create Timelines to honour loved ones who are no longer with us, as well as control and preserve the stories, moments and histories that matter to you in one centralised place.

Memories can do this with any story – a personal legacy, a special occasion, the adventures of a beloved pet or a community history. When documented by those who lived through them, stories told by communities are a priceless resource.

Our platform is also the proud publisher of the digital notices for The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, WA Today and Brisbane Times, Canberra Times, Newcastle Herald and over 100 other publications.

How it works

Create Timeline: Create a Timeline of your story. This can be your own life, or that of family members current or past, your pet, or events. You can create stories and histories of local clubs, communities or workplaces that shape your life.

Store your memories: With Memories, you can upload and store a lifetime of documents, photos and videos safely and securely to share your milestones and build your legacy.

Collaborate: Memories allows you to invite others to collaborate to create a truly complete story from the perspectives of your loved ones or those involved.

Ease of Use: Memories is designed with an easy-to-use interface with simple but effective privacy sessions. That means you can create multiple pages for an entire network of friends, your family or just for you.

Future Messages: Schedule a message to loved ones into the future. You can send a message on a special date and to a special person in the future. Memories gives you the power to speak words of love, advice or humour to whoever you think might need to hear it.

Privacy: You are in control. The range of access to your Memories Timeline is defined by you. You can share information publicly, with a close-knit group or keep them just for yourself.

Vault: Your Vault gives you the option to keep your most precious memories safe, secure and private

Our Executive Team

Tom Ainsworth

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Ranger

Co-Founder & CPO

Imogen Griffiths

Chief Marketing Officer

Anthony Foudoulis

Chief Financial Officer

Glen McGoldrick

Chief Commercial Officer

Rachael Cairns

Chief Strategy Officer



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